Weekend grateful


I’m by no means a regular gratefuller, but whenever there is a real need for me to stop, breathe and appreciate, Maxabella’s list is there to help me remember.

So, this week I am grateful for:

1. Toddlers who push the buttons in just the right way to make you realise what has been bugging you all along – thank you, Little Lion, for being my messenger. Now I can go take that load of emotional garbage out!

2. Husbands on holidays – nothing calms the soul quite the way that your presence does.

3. Troublesome chickens – if your escape tactics and lack of laying capacity are my two greatest problems, I am a lucky woman indeed.

What are you grateful for this weekend?


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  1. Great to see you, Nadine! Your ‘number 1’ grateful sounds intriguing! I detect a bit of ‘child teaching parent’ there. That goes on a lot at my place!! x


    • Child teaches very reluctant parent-student the hard way! He brings out the worst in me so that I am forced to dissect my reactions, and without fail, the dissection reveals a whole layer of baggage ready to be turfed. Seriously, who needs therapy?!


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