National Diasabiltiy and Carers Congress – 1


I feel like I am on the brink of something. Something big.

My eyes are open in a way they haven’t been in a long time. It’s an almost visceral awareness of the people around me. People. All people with their own stories and thoughts spinning through their minds, with their own fears and hopes and passions. There is nothing that separates me from them. We are all, essentially, the same.

These two days are going to be challenging for me. They are going to introduce me to a way of living that, up until now has been shaped in my mind by stereotypes, assumptions and my own ignorance. But today my eyes are open and I can feel a common humanity pulsing through my veins.

Today, life for people with a disability and their carers are beginning to change.


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  1. And today life for you will change also…

    Today you start to love you as you love all of those that are one and the same with you…

    I love you Nadzy… Thrilled that you have come accross such a special opportunity.



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