A Voice from the Dark Side


So when you’re tired and it all goes to shit you grab a Mint Slice.

And since you swallowed it whole, you missed out on tasting it, so you’d better have another.

And since you’ve already had two, you may as well have your quota of “only three at a time”.

But now you feel like a fool for eating your after dinner weekend treat, so you’d better punish yourself with one of those Furry Friends you bought for The Little Lion… I mean, he’s been naughty today anyway, right? He doesn’t deserve it, you do…

And since you’re only choosing one Furry Friend, it may as well be the Numbat, because that’s what you are, a Numbat, for eating chocolate so out of line like this. A Numbat and don’t you forget it.

But there are two Numbats in the pack… well, since they’re so small and thin and measly as far a chocolates go, you’d better eat both.

And now that you’ve gone this far, you may as well knock off the last icecream from the freezer.

So now you feel like something salty to wash the taste of sin from your mouth, don’t you? Ah well, there’s half a pack of chips left from Mr D’s Friday beer accompaniment, best take care of that… we don’t want any temptations left in the house now, do we?

And finally, as you hide the evidence before Mr D gets home, you cry because you realise that I am still your comfort. You’ll have to do better than a divorce letter to get rid of me… sucker!


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  1. If it makes you feel better… I went to a chemist that had Darryl Lea and bought my fav choc mint bar (because it’s 50% less fat – half naughty), then spotted the peanut brittle… haven’t had peanuts in 9mths so have to have that one too. It’s right before lunch and I’m starving so I down the mint, realise hubby doesnt like peanuts in choc so get rid of that one too, hide wrappers. Come home, eat a crunchy mint Tim Tam thingy and have a piece of cake which was leftover from morning tea (already had one then). Shhhhh


  2. Nadine, I am hearing you so loud and clear on this one!! I have been there time and time again. As I mentioned last week on my blog, I have found that if I think about the guilt or the crappy way that I will feel physically and mentally if I shove all that food into my mouth, it makes me stop. So far I have not had a single binge this year. Not a biscuit, not a chocolate, not anything that would normally send me spiralling. I know a lot of people say to focus on the reason why you want to eat, but I can’t ever figure out what the emotional connection is. Maybe think of this post and how it makes you feel just at that point where you go to reach for the Mint Slice. Sorry for such a long comment, it’s just a struggle I’ve had for such a long time, and I feel like I’m finally getting to the end of it. xx


    • Thank you, Shelley! Good on you for your binge free year – what a great way to kick start 2011. I’m realising that my eating is actually a way of punnishing myself for… whatever, so knowing how bad it will make me feel just makes the angry voice say, “so what!”. I’m working on being kind to me as my angle – the “what would I want my best friend to do for me, then do that” kind of approach. A long way to go yet, many years of habit to un-learn, but I’m getting better at it! x


  3. No matter how many tricks we learn… Regardless of how many triggers we make ourselves aware of… No matter how many donkey’s bridges we build… We will ALL, yes, ALL have those days… We are women, we are hormonal, we are jubbly when it comes to chocolate. If we werent, we’d be forever level, forever structured and forever BORING… We’d be men for Pete’s sake!!!

    you are a snide little five-year-old who has learnt how to play one side of the brain off the other, and you know what… If you’re in my house, I’m going to eat you so you are no longer in my house, and then… I’ll wait 2 weeks before I replace you and realise I can live without you… and on the third week, I’ll simply choose not to live without you anymore and we’ll go through it again. Got it?!

    Love it Nadzy, just go with the flow! Can’t wait to hug you and your mint slice packet! xxxx


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