The Simple and the Complex


This weekend I am grateful for:

1. Sunshine

2. Spring fairs

3. My Blossom’s abundant and enthusiastic smiles

4. Mr D’s capacity to take me to the heart of my troubles no matter how fiercely I try to avoid having to look. May we all find someone who can hold a mirror to the darkest parts of soul and shine love on it.

Have a lovely weekend perusing Maxabella’s list.


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  1. I do not know where else to leave this reply to my recent post, so I hope you do not mind me parking it here.

    When I read your comment regarding your nephew, I almost bawled. How can we do that to a little boy who thinks he is being amazing! I am so glad I have raised this issue. And I think pearls never go out of style.

    Thanks again for your comment. It warms my soul.

    Mrs Woog xo


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