This Saturday (night) I am grateful for


Ok, so I’m late. Very late. In fact, I wasn’t going to bother. That’s the kind of mood I’m in: a feeling-so-jack-of-it-all-and-sorry-for-myself-that-the-thought-of-being-grateful-for-anything-sends-my-body-into-violent-convultions kind of a mood.

But then I’m sitting at the dining table, drinking my second can of Southern Comfort (my inner child is in need of comfort right now), I’m staring at my closed laptop and am beginning to tear up as I wonder what the fuck I’m going to do with myself. It’s at this point I realise what I need is a good dose of “count thy blessings thou ungrateful prat”.

So here I am, and I am grateful for:

1. Southern Comfort and the husband who thought to buy it for me when he got an SMS on Friday afternoon saying “Any time now would be good. Forget the milk.” Yes, he does get it. Kind of.

2. Herbs in the back yard – there’s nothing quite like a salad dressed with the freshest of the fresh.

3. Being so privileged that the greatest problem I face is finding a way to nurture and satisfy myself while nurturing and satisfying my two healthy children, my marriage, my household, blah blah blah.

4. Maxabella for giving me a way to remember that it ain’t all that bad… mostly.


Lots of people are grateful for lots of things at Maxabella’s


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  1. Arrr, I know that feeling I wasn’t going to post a grateful post today either until 7.40 tonight. Enjoy your southern comfort, I’m enjoying a bottle of wine right now!


  2. Hope things are brighter for you tomorrow…and the new week that follows.
    I always find finding something to be grateful about helps my attitude shift from ‘woe to me’ …to I am blessed & privileged without being all Pollyana or Anne of Green Gables lol 😉


  3. Ok, if the worst of your problems are you need to find something to do with yourself get a grip honey! If you’ve actually got issues that are bothering you (eg annoying whingeing 2 yo, sleep deprivation from having young baby & 2 yo, small shitty car that won’t fit all necessities in) then go for it and have a sook and let it all out.

    Otherwise why aren’t you feeling pleased with yourself???


  4. Great post. Thanks for sharing we all feel like this at some point.Sometimes just even thinking about what you should be grateful for is enough.

    And sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to feel sorry for ourselves. Life is hard, life sux, but somewhere in there life is also beautiful.


  5. Jodie, with the greatest of respect, and maybe I have completely misinterpreted what you have said here, I don’t think your comment was particularly constructive.
    Nadine I understand what you are saying and I just want you to know I am sure the transition you are going through is a hard one.


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