Ode to Childhood Imagination


The Little Lion’s Tool Kit:

Drill – otherwise known as a “Noi”
Alternate Drill – this one is a little harder to use on account of the drill bit continually falling off.
Screwdrivers – otherwise known as “Scew” (and yes, that is one of those snot extractor thingies. At least it has had some use.)

Pliers, Nail clippers, Tongs or anything else with a pincer action - otherwise known as "Nick-nick"

Stump Grinder, Circular Saw, Chainsaw - also known as "Noi"

Sander, Jigsaw, Chainsaw, Wood plane or Iron - also known as "Noi" (Keep up, people!)

Lawn mower, Wheelbarrow, Shopping trolley, pram - otherwise known as "Noi Moor" (I know, mixing it up a little!)

Vaccuum Cleaner, Broom, Mop - otherwise known as "Leo Noi" (are we sensing a theme here?)

Shopping trolley, car – otherwise known as “car” (genius!)

Now what more could a boy possibly need?


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