Comment Love?


Dear Veterans of the Blogosphere,

Please explain comment love.

I mean, I get that we all love comments – who doesn’t love knowing that someone is actually reading your drivel and being emotionally moved enough (in either direction) to say something back. That’s cool. It’s one of the reason’s I’m so hopelessly addicted.

What I don’t get is that it seems we are meant to care about where these comments appear. Seriously? Because if you ask me, which I know you would if we were in real time, I think that’s just weird. A comment is a comment. Isn’t it?

Surely if someone reads my blog on facebook, (where, let’s be honest, most of my readers do because I am a bit of a blogging virgin and my friends are being nice), surely it is reasonable for me to expect them to hit ‘comment’ below my post and whack in a “you made me laugh/cry/cringe/snort tea/feel ten-foot tall because you suck more at baking cake than I do” right there where they’re reading.

Of if they’ve actually subscribed via email so they can by-pass their workplace ban on social networking sites, surely I can accept their covert communications entitled ‘Quote’ or ‘Re: Product Enquiry’ with warm fuzzies.

Do I really need to tell my commenters that they need to put their words on my blog page or don’t bother? And why? So whoever happens upon my posts about bulbous bodies and motherhood mayhem may see my forty thousand comments and think I am more popular than I actually am? It’s akin to asking my friends to follow me around Woolworths in a conga line in the hope that other shoppers want to be my friend based on my apparent popularity and the riotous fun we all seem to be having. Next you’ll be telling me that I have to offer giveaways to anyone who helps me reach 200 friends and followers.

What can I say? I’m not a collector (ok, that’s a lie – I do collect stationery and I am only allowed in Officeworks with a responsible adult, but it’s all useful stuff that I intend to use for crafting when my children are old enough to make useless bits of junk that we will then throw away). So I’ll rephrase: I don’t collect friends and followers for the sake of collecting them. I don’t collect comments for the sake of proving how brilliant, funny, wise and talented I am either.

So please explain. Obviously, I can become a collector if I am missing some crucial part of the blogging code that will change my life in some immeasurable way. I’ll gladly play the game, if someone can explain the rules.

In the meantime, feel free to comment any way you like. I love it all.

Yours humbly,



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  1. Well you made me snort tea with the image of a conga line of faithful followers in Woolies, I don’t think I will ever go shopping again without picturing it. I’m thinking the fruit & veg section would be good.
    And yes, you’re right, agree with it all, but that’s beside the point, you made me SNORT TEA.


  2. You are too funny! I have mixed emotions about comments. Our blog is based off our business. We use it as and advertising tool as well as to open up to our clients and potential clients on a more intimate level. I’m also new to blogging so while it’s easy to write about our clients, or give insight to new photographers on shooting techniques, I have a hard time writing about personal things. I think who’s really interested and why?!?!? It’s just us??? But when I do get a comment…it’s sooooo exciting! We recently moved our blog from blogger to wordpress, so our old comments didn’t move over, still I can’t wait for our new blog to catch on!


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