Brain fart


Ok, so I thought yesterday was Wednesday.

Before you ask: No, the fact that The Lion was at home, asleep in his cot as opposed to his regular Wednesday day at daycare, did not alert me to my error.

All I can say is that it must have been the fever that has possessed me for the past three days. It’s turned my brain to mush and my body to lead.

Or perhaps it was all the talk of farting – my brain wanted to join in.

Oh well, better luck next week.


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  1. I know that feeling. Oh boy do I know. Laughed at your comment on my swimming lesson post – I am deeply impressed that you swam at the Olympics. To teach your own children to swim would simply be beyond the realms of impressedness (is there such a word?) – not to mention craziness. Good luck with finding the perfect swimming lessons…


    • Awww thanks!
      It’s not a fact I stamp on my forehead lightly, it’s just that I think swimming really is important and sometimes hearing it from someone who has done it to absurd extremes makes the screaming a little easier to cope with. That said, I’m sure I’ll change my tune once The Lion starts to roar!


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