Once is not enough


I can’t take the dry washing off the line until the rain has wet it again.

I can’t drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day.

And I can’t blog once a week. It’s just not enough. I crave it almost as much as I crave camembert and wine on a sunny sunday afternoon, or coffee and tim tams on a rainy day, or icecream and chips on a road trip, or… ok, you get the idea.

So here’s the deal. It’ll be twice a week and ONLY IF I have done my other weekly must dos. That’s right – all washing off the line and folded (no, I draw the line at ironing, sorry, if you want it ironed, you can DIY); exercise scheduled and done at least every second day (and I promise to update you on my commitments and my follow through, because I know you are just dying to hear all about it); children fed, watered, cleaned and generally nurtured (I know this is ongoing, but I promise to only write when they are sleeping so as not to neglect my duties here); AND with a glass of wine water by my side.



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