The Olympian has been defeated


That’s it. Three strikes. I’m out. Michel’s Patisserie is in.

My Olympic spirit, my tenacity and determination not to let two small setbacks crush my hopes, my inner fighter, my gumption, my willpower, my guts have all been defeated by what can only be described as The Most Useless Piece Of Shit Oven On Planet Earth. Good luck to it. I hope it gets all it deserves. I’m not bitter. I’ll just bide my time. The day will come – I will get my own back and That Oven will plead for mercy, will beg to be saved from the tip.

That’s right, you will rue the day you crossed me and my lion cake tin, triumphant one. So enjoy it while it lasts, you Piece Of Crap.

See “Patt-a-cake II” image for an idea of my third attempt. FUCKING OVEN I HATE YOU!!

Over and out.


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