The miracle can happen


I have been a wanna-be writer for a very long time now and just last week I got the news all wanna-bes fantasise about: I’d won the “Best Creative Non-Fiction” category in the 2009 IP Picks Awards! The prize: PUBLICATION!

The miracle has happened to me. The great elusive break that we all think happens only to those with the inside contact. So, I have decided to share the journey with all of you who are beginning to wonder “how, where, when and why not me” in the hope of giving your confidence a boost and your faith a shot in the arm.

When the email with the “Author’s Handbook”, Contract, ABN and Banking Forms arrived, I felt a jolt: This was real.

So the running around has begun and at every corner there are a dozen more questions to be answered:

Get an ABN – sole trader? yes. GST register? ummm… I’ll call my accountant… Don’t stand to earn more than 5 grand? Then no to GST.

Now the contract – where to get advice? Lawyer? Too expensive. Writer friends? They all have agents. Australian Society of Authors? Yes; best and most reasonable contract service, but must join first, all up $240. And I wait to be told that it’s all above board (of course!).

And now I wait to find out: Who sources the copyright for quotes used; and what about the photos (if they’re going to be included at all!?); will the photographer who took those great pix years ago let me use them for the cover or will he want an obscene royalty? And how do I find him? And am I meant to source advice on any potential libel issues or will the publishers? And at what point should I be calling all my contacts in the swimmin, media, speaking, education, etc worlds to try raising my profile? And when will thye need the foreword from John Konrads? And where is that judges report so I can get on with editing!!??

We have until March next year, but I’m so excited, I’m just busting for action. Alas, all the action I can action is to breathe and maintain my composure. All will be revealed when it is time to be revealed.



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