Promotion ain’t easy – Part 1

The books didn’t show up for that first event, the MS MegaSwim 24hr relay. They were trapped in Melbourne somewhere, I think. So I took orders and apologised profusely and responded with a graceful (if a little embarrased) smile when asked, “So… can I buy one?” It was awful, but I consoled myself with the knowledge that the “real event” wasn’t unitl Tues 17th November, so the books could still find their way to me on Monday… right?

I had agonised over whether or not to have a Sydney launch. My publisehr was organising a series of multi-author events starting with Brisbane on 29th November and followed by Melbourne and Sydney in December. They felt that multi-author events were the way to go and it made sense to me. I mean, how many people would be interested in coming to an event staged only for little old me? If there were three or four other authors it could only make the evening more interesting. Not to mention the possibility of their guests feeling inspired to buy my book while they were there. So these publisher’s events were a given on the calendar. But my inner voice had nagged incessantly, “You really should do something to say thanks to all the people who have helped you get here. You really deserve a party of sorts.”

I had spoken to others who had launched books and the tip was to go for a much bang for as little bucks as possible. Go for a funky venue that is central, easily accessible and that reflects what your book is about. If that fails,  go for a funky venue that is free and has some element of interest, like a gallery of some kind. Go for wine sponsorships/donations. Go for cheap catering courtesy of relatives. Go for mid-week, early enough to catch people on the way home from work and not late enough to cut into dinner time – no more than two hours. And go for someone FAMOUS to launch the book. As many famous faces as you can get = publicity. If Ian Thorpe can make it, you’re onto a winner.

I had tried, I really had, to meet all these criteria, but I had met nothing but brick walls and I finally gave up on the whole idea.


Macquarie University Alumni contacted me with a proposal: To organise a book launch and wine tasting evening on 17th November. Entirely for me and entirely free.

Never underestimate the power of your networks. If you nurture good, strong, positive relationships with people, you will have a ready source of support for years to come, even when you least expect it. The generosity of Macquarie Uni Sport and Rec gave me the best opportunity since the winning the IP Picks Award! Now all I had to do was make sure I had books to launch!


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