New Year, New Intentions


This is a post with little information, but a whole lot of plans that may or may not work – a blog of intention if you like.

I have a vague promotional strategy forming and it centres around the Commonwealth Games Swimming Trials in March this year. The idea is to piggy-back as much as possible on the rising media attention on swimming and swimmers as the trials approach.

It involves writing many emails and making many phone calls to journalists, newspapers, presenters, radio stations and swimming organisations.
It involves trying to get a table from whence to sell my book at as many swim meets between now and then as I possibly can.
It involves writing press-releases and feature articles and sending them far and wide to every magazine, newspaper and e-zine I can think of with even the vaguest, most tenuous link to my story.
It involves shamelessly calling in favours.
It involves pestering with a persistence usually reserved for night-stalking mosquitos and little country flies.

And it involves mountains of audacity!

Wish me luck!


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