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Dear Person I Spoke To,
It was good to speak with you today about my new book, Wobbles – An Olympic Story. It is not your average sports memoir about someone who won medals, broke records or wowed the world with her exceptional prowess, but it is an uplifting story of an ordinary girl who wanted something extraordinary and nothing, not even Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or a broken neck could stop her.
The book is also unique in its style. I have remained completely true to the thoughts and feelings I was experiencing during each event in my life rather than presenting a sanitized version of the rollercoaster of elite sport with the benefit of hindsight and maturity. The feedback has been that this honesty makes for a “gripping” read – very flattering!
In addition to writing, I am also and English teacher, motivational speaker and mother of one (soon to be two) little handfuls. I have attached a media release which should give you a little more information and for even more, you can have a look at my website:
I look forward to hearing from you! 



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