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March 20, 2009 – Friday 

Yesterday I received a 2 page email from my editor. The first email; first instructions. I suddenly got really nervous. This is real.

And as “little” as the changes are, it’s the fiddly things that turn out to be the biggest. There is nothing glorious or creative in changing formatting, ironing out inconsistent use of numbers, inverted commas and italics. But it feels good to be doing something, even if it is as simple as deleting the double spacing between parpagraphs and indenting them instead.

As far as I know, every publisher has their preferred style, but in my case it’s Times New Roman (I hate it, but what can you do!), 12pt, double spaced, indented paragraphs with a double break only for change of scene (this one’s prettly standard for literature even if it looks messy until it shows up in book form), numbers one-ten in words and any numbers that start dialougue also spelled out (this last point was new to me), double inverted commas for dialogue and direct quotes, single for evey other use.

Nothing scary, just fiddly. No wonder it takes a few goings over to get it all. I’m up to Draft 7; aiming for no more than 10!

Wish me luck!


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