Another Email


Dear Fabulous Journalist,


Some 10-14 years ago, you wrote a few great stories about a swimmer who had broken her neck and come back to make the Olympic Team for the Atlanta Games. That was me. In the ensuing years I have become an English teacher, a mother and a writer while swimsuits have become bigger, tighter, faster and more controversial than ever!


With The Commonwealth Games Trials fast approaching and swimming coming back into the spotlight, I was wondering if there might be an opportunity for me to get involved in giving readers an insight into what lies ahead for our swimmers. I am aware that Famous Person often writes pieces commenting on current issues in the sport and I thought this kind of front-line perspective might be complimented by a ‘human interest’ angle; something that gives an insight into what the athletes might be experiencing physically, mentally and emotionally through the different phases of their preparation for the Trials and, later, The Games in India.


I have had experience with writing – in November last year my memoir, Wobbles – An Olympic Story, was published by Interactive Publications with a foreword by John Konrads. The feedback has been excellent. Duncan Armstrong said, “Many sporting stories fall short in taking the reader into the painful, lonely, exhilarating, monotonous, confusing and triumphant moments a life in sport delivers. This book throws you down and drags you through them all!”


It’s not your average sports memoir, it is not a story about someone who won medals, broke records or wowed the world with her exceptional prowess, but it is completely honest and true to the thoughts and feelings I was experiencing during each event in my life rather than presenting a sanitised version of events courtesy of hindsight and maturity. Feedback has been that it makes for a “gripping” read, so now it is just a matter of getting the word out there!


In addition to writing experience, I also have some knowledge of India (having travelled and stayed there on a number of occasions) and could offer some perspectives on what the athletes might expect from that most vibrant and chaotic of host nations. My book is also set to be launched in India later this month and connection led me to think that perhaps excerpts from my memoir could be an alternative way of bringing the swimming journey and my experiences in India to life for readers, if a regular ‘Insiders Guide’ is not suitable.


I would be keen to know what you think and if you have any other ideas on how I might be able to help you with your coverage of the swimming. Also, if you know anybody I could approach with regards to getting word about Wobbles out into the community and/or reviewed that would be enormously helpful!


If you would like to see a sample of my writing or for more information, my website covers it all: And if you would like a copy of Wobbles to have a look at and pass around, just let me know!


Thank you for your time and for your writing!


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